söndag 6 december 2009

Pictures from the show at Neurotitan in Berlin

Here are some pictures from the show me, 3KTA and OLLIO participated in with three collaborational drawings. There were abut twenty other exhibitors participating. The gallery and the staff, especially Gudrun, were really nice and helpful. Thanks for having us!
Dont miss Neurotitan if you´re in Berlin, it´s a really cool place!

söndag 25 oktober 2009

måndag 5 oktober 2009

"MASK" pattern

Screenprinted by hand

"BALK" pattern

Screenprinted by hand

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

lördag 12 september 2009


Thank you for a very nice evening! More people than I thought showed up and the mood was terrific!

onsdag 9 september 2009

Exhibition at Kvarnbyn in Mölndal 11/9-09

At this exhibition I will show my bachelor project at a really amazing spot! I will allso show three paintings outside. One night only!
It starts at 19.00. 

lördag 29 augusti 2009

Work in progress!

One of four unfinnished paintings for an expo in september.

måndag 24 augusti 2009

"Lets make a day out of it!"

Some touch ups of a painting became four new ones. Made in collaboration with Daniel Rehn.

tisdag 14 juli 2009


By me and 3KTA

måndag 15 juni 2009

New ride!

Colnago Sprint  Columbus Sl 1987
Full Campagnolo Chorus
Cinelli stem and Cinelli " Giro dÍtalia" bars
San Marco Rolls saddle
Front wheel: Campagnolo Ypsilon rim on Chorus hub
Rear wheel: Rigida Dp18 on Sachs hub, Shimano 7sp sprocket

Will eventually change the rear wheel to something more suiting.
I´m very happy!!

onsdag 10 juni 2009

Glass paintings. Will probably make more of these.

måndag 8 juni 2009

Maybe worth making a few more of these?

tisdag 19 maj 2009

Master work

Photodocumentation of my masterwork